30 Apr

Forbidden Kissin Confesses All At “Forbidden Kiss”

Reveals Secret Shame!

Carl Kissin had long enjoyed his gigs at Forbidden Kiss: the Erotica Series. He loved being part of a show that provided a venue for sexually themed material — steamy stories, burlesque, comedy sketches and monologues.

But all that ended recently when he confessed the dark secret he had been hiding from the cast. “I couldn’t live a lie any longer,” said Kissin.

So one night after the show he blurted out, “I also do PG-rated shows.” The cast looked agog.

Clad in skimpy outfits and holding scripts filled with heart-rate increasing tales of prurient encounters, they collectively wagged their fingers at Carl, shouting, “Sell out!” “Family man!” and worst of all, “Disney-ite!”

Said a chastened Carl, “they no longer speak to me, but I still do the show. I sit in the green room, alone in a corner, hoping that one day, performers such as me, who are bi-comedic — capable of doing both erotic and family material — are accepted as part of the mainstream.”

“Forbidden Kiss: the Erotica Series” occurs every third week at Stage Left Studios. http://forbiddenkiss.info/