Date of a Lifetime

In the pressurized few minutes of a speed date, two singles suggest to each other what they think their entire lives would be like if they allowed their brief tête-à-tête to go beyond the “switch partners” bell. Competing comical and fraught visions of the future leave them wondering if the person they have just met is the Date from Hell or the Date of a Lifetime.

“A breezy 90-minute affair, Date of a Lifetime has a good-humored script by Carl Kissin that is matched by the pleasantly rhythmic tunes of Robert Baumgartner Jr. … a consistently amusing show, thanks in part to a fleet production that is energetically directed and choreographed by Marlo Hunter.”

Michael Sommers, New York Times

“Date Of A Lifetime is a light hearted and charming evening of entertaining comedy and song that may very well be coming to a theater near you … Writer Carl Kissin and composer Robert Baumgartner Jr. have crafted a 90 minute musical confection that feels like a mash up between a trendy romantic comedy, Saturday Night Live, and an imaginative score reminiscent of the musical style of Marvin Hamlisch.”

Rochelle Denton, NY Theatre Now

“Carl Kissin, who wrote the snappy and funny lyrics and the amusing book, and Robert Baumgartner Jr., who keeps apace with a bouncy score, have extended the basic idea into a breezy ninety-minutes of music and fun … The nicely matched and very talented LaVerdiere and Rapier make their numerous transitions from song to text and from present to future a joy.”

Simon Saltzman, Curtain Up

“You can’t afford not to see Date of a Lifetime. Buy a ticket today. Here’s why:  It’s outrageously funny, clever, timely, musically and verbally brilliant, but most of all because every step, lyric and note rings true. Date of a Lifetime achieves that rare combination – it is both light and substantial – that leaves audiences smiling and reflective.”

Raphael Badagliacca, Front Row Center

Winner of two 2011 NYMF Awards:

Excellence in Writing (Carl Kissin)

Outstanding Individual Performance (Farah Alvin)