Classes in Comedy and Improvisation

Improv is freeing and joyous! Let it teach you to say, “Yes, and…”

Friendly Groups

A nonjudgmental environment ​for improvisers of all ages and experience levels.

Individualized Instruction

Feedback tailored to you, not just ​to the class as a whole.

Fluid Lesson Plans

Extra emphasis on a certain technique or exercise is never a problem. Feel free to speak up!

Current Classes


Starting at $40/class

Designating classes as certain “levels” is not always the best way to differentiate them.  Contact me and let’s speak about your background.  I will recommend a class. If one of mine is not the right fit, let’s collaborate to create something that works for you.

Class Schedule

More being added all the time

Monday Afternoon - ONLINE
Tween Improv (Suggested age: 10- 12 years old)
4:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
$40 / session

Many aspects of school boil down to: “you got that right or you got that wrong.” Tween improv allows your child to take creative chances without that rigid binary outcome. We engage in imagination games, poems, interviews, scenes, stories, and all manner of invention. In improv, children are encouraged to listen to each other and build upon ideas (“yes-and”), never judging or criticizing. Your almost-teen learns to play at the top of their intelligence, take chances, trust their choices, and develop their sense of humor. Improv will help them in all of their schoolwork as well as empower them to think and speak confidently on their feet.

Tuesday Daytime - ONLINE
Playtime for Grown-ups
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
(or until 12:30 pm if 4 students or less)
$49/class - Ten-class card: $450

​The Tuesday daytime class takes place in the beautiful National Opera Center space. We typically have a mix of improvisers that range from experienced to novice. You will be made to feel welcome whether it is your first day or you are a pro. We usually start with physical warm-ups and spontaneity games that connect the group to one another, then practice the building blocks of scenes, culminating in full scenes and narratives, which can be comic or poignant. The emphasis is always on the relationship between the characters and playing truthfully at the top of your intelligence. As much as possible, each class is customized to the needs of the participants in the room.


Thursday Evening - ONLINE
Improvise, Socialize, Revitalize
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

A class that lets you practice and master the principles of improv in a relaxed, easygoing manner, but nonetheless prepares you for any work, performance, or social situation. A secondary benefit is that you will meet and connect with delightful people along the way. Because this class is shorter in length (one hour), you'll learn and get energized rather than "Zoomed out."

Saturday Afternoon - ONLINE
Musical Improv Intensive (every two weeks)
1:30 - 4:00 p.m. $60/class

Learn how to create laugh-inducing lyrics and sensational songs on the spot. ​
In this class we will work on some or all of the following skills: rhyming, creating songs using “forwards and backwards” techniques, narrative and joke-form approaches, understanding song structure, improvising in different song styles, putting lyrics to existing melodies, creating new songs from scratch, and writing impromptu parodies. We will build the skills necessary to eventually create an entire musical from an audience suggestion.
Each time we meet, the syllabus is a combination of practicing previously learned skills as well as taking on new challenges. Each month there are wonderful familiar faces as well as talented new ones.
Students of all skill levels welcome. Singing proficiency not required.

Sunday Afternoon
Performance Level Improv (by permission of instructor)
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. $60/class

In this class, you will be working with experienced improvisers — some working in the business, others aspiring. My goal is to make you the best possible performer you can be. We will do a mix of classic improv exercises as well as experimenting with new forms.
​This level is for improvisers who want to hone their skills, push their limits, and have an opportunity to perform. During some stretches of the year, it will be a drop-in class, at other times, we will commit to an 8-week stretch followed by an onstage show.

If you have set up an event with me, just type our agreed upon price in the box and complete the form. Thank you! BOOK NOW

Custom Classes

Corporate, Kids, You Name It

I’m happy to put together classes as the demand arises.  Toward this end, I teach beginner classes, classes for children (who are natural improvisers), and corporate workshops.  Want a class taught in your office? With a specific group of friends?   At a day and time of your choosing?  One of the basics of improv is to say, “Yes, and” — so I will say, “yes and we will make it happen.”

Just contact me!

Private Coaching

Public speaking, Work presentations, Solo shows, Monologues (performance and creation), Stand-Up, Etc.


There are some arenas where working one-on-one is preferable. For example, if English is your second language, you might wish to work on bettering your communication skills in a private setting. Introverts might choose to work at their own pace and without any pressure to please their classmates. But you could also be an extrovert and still benefit from private lessons. Perhaps you have a solo show and you want to brainstorm with an experienced writer and performer. Perhaps you have a task that is very specific to your profession, e.g. answering challenging questions on the spot. Whatever the reason, I am happy to work with you privately.​

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