22 Dec

Speed-Dating Musical Leads to Speed-Divorces

“Date of a Lifetime” has successful reading — but then all hell breaks loose Ken Davenport Theatrical chose “Date of a Lifetime” (book and lyrics by Carl Kissin) as the first musical to grace their prestigious developmental series. The show,
27 Jul

Kissin To Reveal Secrets of Bad Parenting

America Awaits His “Not-Know-How” Carl Kissin, a Dad for more than 4 years, intends to reveal the full incompetence of his parenting “skills” at Cornelia Street Café Saturday, August 21st @ 6 PM. “I’ll be doing monologues and stories about
20 Jul

Kissin Teaches Kids Too Well at A.N.D. Improv Retreat

Children Leave Parents and Follow Carl Home Carl Kissin just returned from a week in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, where he taught improvisation to children ranging in age from 5 to 12 years old at the Artistic New Directions Master
30 Jun

Kissin to Teach Improv to Kids at Catskills Retreat

Parents Panic! Carl Kissin has taught improv to the elderly, the middle-aged, and twenty-somethings, but never have so many been so concerned as when they learned he would be instructing their kids. John Davis, a spokesperson for Parents of
23 Jun

Honorable Mention Awards Cement Kissin’s Legacy Of Mediocrity

The West Village Musical Theater Festival awarded Carl Kissin’s musical, “Date of a Lifetime” (Composer: Rob Baumgartner), Honorable Mention in the categories of Best Original Script, Best Lyrics, and Best Musical. “When it comes to finishing second, I’m first!” said
21 May

Kissin Joins Village People

Creates musical for the West Village Musical Theater Festival He had long admired the costumes, the characters, and of course the consummate musicality, but until recently Carl never imagined that he would be asked to be one of the Village
01 May

Spurious “Solo Show” Involves Audience

International Association of Solo Shows Outraged! Carl Kissin debuted his one-man show, “No Solo Mio” (director: Ari Kreith) at the Jackson Rep Theater. Each night however, the show involved the participation of everyone in attendance. As part of the dozen
30 Apr

Forbidden Kissin Confesses All At “Forbidden Kiss”

Reveals Secret Shame! Carl Kissin had long enjoyed his gigs at Forbidden Kiss: the Erotica Series. He loved being part of a show that provided a venue for sexually themed material — steamy stories, burlesque, comedy sketches and monologues. But
30 Apr

Monologues and Madness

Doctors Prove There Is A Link Although “Monologues and Madness,” a show dedicated to the art of the spoken monologue, is one of New York City’s most enjoyable events, health advocates say beware. A report published today in the New
29 Apr

Kissin “Steroid” Scandal

Tests positive for web-based ego enhancer Professional athletes were already reeling from allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs, but until recently, comics had escaped detection. All that changed when Carl Kissin began dabbling in websites. “I just wanted to keep up