Next Level Improv


Chicago City Limits alumnus Carl Kissin and SNI producer Tom Soter offer advanced techniques for improvised comedy. This drop-in class combines elements of both “long form” and “short form” improvisation; focusing on truthful, relationship-based scene work. Geared for students with previous improv or acting experience, but beginners welcome.

Time: Wednesday, 6:30-9 P.M.
Location: The Stand Up Studio
236 West 78th Street, 2nd Fl
Fee: $30 per class
Instructors (alternating): Carl Kissin* & Tom Soter

*To find out which Wednesdays I am teaching, please write to me and ask to be put on my improv mailing list.

Private Coaching

Do you panic at the thought of making a presentation at work, going to an interview, or even out on a date? Carl has coached students in all of those areas and more. You can use private lessons to jump-start your improv ability or improve your life.